Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Three Hilton Farm-Based Resorts Will be Built in Saudi's Al-Ahsa

The hotel company will operate an agri-resort, an eco-resort, and an adventure resort in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Three Hilton Farm-Based Resorts Will be Built in Saudi's Al-Ahsa

As a result of an agreement between Hilton and Dan Co. – a Public Investment Fund (PIF) company specializing in agritourism, ecotourism, and adventure tourism – the global hotel operator will be operating three diverse resorts as part of a farm-focused tourism hub in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa.

A prominent agricultural region in the Kingdom and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al-Ahsa is home to Al-Ahsa Oasis, the largest date palm oasis in the world. Its pristine natural surroundings and wide variety of local farms make it the perfect location for Hilton's development trio: the luxurious Al-Ahsa Agritourism Resort, the wellness-centered Al-Ahsa Eco Resort, and the outdoor-focused Al-Ahsa Adventure Resort.

“The partnership with Hilton to operate the first three resorts in Al-Ahsa will see us combine Hilton’s world-class hospitality with the picturesque landscapes of Al-Ahsa,” Abdulrahman Abaalkhail, CEO of Dan Company, shares with SceneTraveller. “This part of Saudi Arabia offers unique experiences rich in cultural and natural beauty yet underrepresented in the current tourism landscape.”

In addition to the three developments, a central activation area will be accessible to both guests and the public. This space will feature a nature garden, an amphitheater, dining and retail options, a farmers’ market, and various multi-purpose spaces, allowing local agricultural vendors and retailers to showcase their products.


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