Thursday February 22nd, 2024
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New Application Points You to the Nearest Metro Station to You

This app tells you almost everything you need to know for seamless subway surfing.

Cairo Scene

Lost in Cairo and you forgot where all the metro stations are? Come in from Tagamoa or another governorate and found out they just opened a new station god knows where? ‘Cairo Metro’ is a new app by young graduate Osama Hamdy that takes all the hassle and station-switching panic out of subway rides to enable seamless subway surfing.

Now available on Google Play, ‘Cairo Metro’ informs users what metro station to get to and get off at when they input their location and desired destination. Not just that, it also gives users directions, via a Google Maps integration, to the nearest metro station to them.

Saving us from unwanted conversations in dingy subway stations, the app also tells you which metro line to take, where to switch lines and gives you a rundown of all the stations you’ll pass through to get to your destination.


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