Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Kerning Cultures Bhob Podcast Tackles Love in the Arab World After 30

Finding love as an Arab is hard enough, let alone when you're in your thirties...

Cairo Scene

Kerning Cultures Bhob Podcast Tackles Love in the Arab World After 30

How are you supposed to find love after you've turned 30? Why does that sound like such an intimidating question? By that point you either have it or you don't - you're either married with two children and a third on the way, or you're scrolling through Facebook, giving a half-hearted 'Like' to another wedding announcement.

Once upon a time it seemed so easy, but times change and everything we knew before doesn't mean anything anymore. These are the feelings tackled in the latest season of Kerning Cultures' popular Arabic podcast series, 'Bhob', which follows the real-life stories through the voice of the fictional Sarah, whose experiences are all too familiar to those of us who've seen our third decade. Titled ‘Swipe Left’, the season puts forward all those nagging little questions nobody seems to have the answers to. Why don't any of those rules and routines you see in the movies work anymore? How do the ladies at the salon know exactly when you're lying when you answer that eternal question, 'Do you have a boyfriend?' And what's the deal with dating apps - so many profiles to look through, with so few opportunities to actually care about any of them?

Sarah's journey to find love in the 21st century whilst dealing with her conservative family in Amman takes place over seven episodes every Monday, with six of those episodes having already been released. If your Valentine's Day hasn't gone as planned, maybe this is the next best place for you to start over. To check it out, tap through the link in our story.


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