Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Giza’s New Bashteel Railway Station Nears Completion

The new railway station hopes to reduce congestion at Ramses Station and become the main railway station to access Upper Egypt.

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Giza’s New Bashteel Railway Station Nears Completion

Construction of the new Bashteel railway station in Giza is almost complete.

The station will consist of a central railway terminal covering 31,000 square metres, with its railway tracks spanning 164,000 square metres. The terminal is located at the nexus of a number of railway lines, including High Dam, Alexandria, Imbaba, El Manashi and El Qubari which positions it perfectly to become the city’s main rail terminal to access Upper Egypt.

Situated close to the third metro line, the monorail as well as the bus service, the station is easily accessible for those wishing to travel via rail, as well as for travellers arriving from Upper Egypt to access Cairo’s medical and administrative services.

Designed by architect Fouad Mahmoud, the central station will feature a 40-metre tall glass pyramid allowing natural light to flood the main hall. Further Pharaonic elements also include references to the lotus flower, as well as obelisks in the main hall, which will simultaneously serve as elevators. Set to accommodate up to 250,000 passengers daily, the opening of the new station hopes to reduce congestion at Downtown Cairo’s Ramses Station.


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