Thursday July 25th, 2024
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The Best Fatta in Cairo - a SceneEats Guide

We’re having veal-heavy dreams on beds of rice already.

Layla Raik

The Best Fatta in Cairo - a SceneEats Guide

As Eid Al-Adha, or 'El-Eid El-Kebeer', draws near, we find ourselves faced with the annual quandary of where to satiate our fatta cravings. But before delving into that delectable dilemma, let's explore the more profound question: why fatta?

Originating as "fath" in ancient Egypt, this dish was relished by our forebears for breakfast due to its bountiful nutritional value. Who could resist succulent veal nestled on a bed of steaming rice, immersed in a tantalising blend of garlic and tomato sauce, to kick start their day? Certainly not an Egyptian. Over time, the Levant region put its own unique spin on fatta, birthing a plethora of delightful variations.

This Eid, we cast aside our biases against non-meat-based fatta and embrace the prospect of more inclusive renditions that leave our vegan cousins less despondent. Here's an extensive list of the top 10 establishments in Cairo, spanning Egyptian and international flavors, that excel in crafting flavoursome fatta.

Sobhy Kaber

Obaid St.,Shubra

Some classics are classics for a reason, and Sobhy Kaber is definitely one of those. Egyptian fatta done the way we’ve always loved it.

Villa Caracas

Branches all over Cairo

Notorious for the whimsical upscale dining experience they offer wherever they go, Villa Caracas is the perfect spot to munch on impeccable (chickpea or eggplant) fatta.

Ahwet Zeitouna

5A by the Waterway, New Cairo

As one of Lebanon’s very own best fatta spots, Ahwet Zeitouna is a must-visit for ravenous fanatics of the Levantine variation of the dish, vegan or otherwise.

Abo El Seed

Branches all over Egypt

A tale as old as time: the resourceful expat, who, like most of us, has limited fatta knowledge, seeks the culinary embrace of classic Abo El Seed for fatta-infused comfort.

Hamam Abdo

The Arena, New Cairo

A feast as intense as UK diaspora kids trying to maintain a connection to their culture, Hamam Abdo makes what is possibly the most Egyptian dish ever: hamam fatta.

El Dahan

Branches all over Cairo

It’s simple, it’s everywhere, it’s delicious. Obtaining a sumptuous feast of El Dahan’s fatta is as easy (and rewarding) as rubbing a genie lamp.


Saaka St., Sheraton

While the drive down to your distant cousins in Al-Minya might be too much this Eid, a quick detour to 7agogah will have you doused in that Egyptian countryside generosity and dipped in fatta.


Waterway, New Cairo and Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Sporting an unfaltering dining quality and impeccable bar, Carlo’s allows visitors the unlikely experience of fatta sided with red wine (yes, and it’s delicious).

Bab Tooma

Concord Plaza and Cloud 9 Mall, New Cairo

Crafting Levantine delicacies the way we love them, Bab Tooma’s veal fatta is the feast every college students’ home needs this Eid.

Seekh Mashwy

Branches all over Cairo and Alexandria

With a long-standing specialty in mashweyat, Seekh Mashwy’s fatta is sure to be covered in the perfect sizzling beef we can’t seem to resist.

El Menoufy El Kababgy

Branches all over Cairo

For classic Egyptian fattah with the warmth of a classic Egyptian home on the first day of Eid, head to El Menoufy El Kababgy.

El Mohamady

Branches all over Cairo

As simple as going to the grocery store, but much more fulfilling and all the more sumptuous, El Mohamady provides us with traditional fattah in every area in Cairo.

Qasr El Kababgy

Branches all over Cairo

Our favourite pyramid scheme and the reigning palace of all things mashweyat is, this is a natural go-to this Eid. This time, though, given the celebratory influence, we’re heading there for fattah.


Mivida, New Cairo 

Tying Cairo's experience together is the deeply held belief that the highest bar against which to measure Egypt’s food is our mothers’ cooking, meaning its fattah is as good as homemade.


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