Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Beat Cairo’s Sweaty Commute With Egypt’s Best Local Body Splashes

Let’s face it, we’re not sweating any less this winter.

Layla Raik

In a city as huge (and hot) as Cairo, the few spritzes of perfume we spray before leaving the house often leave us feeling anxious for the long day to come. What if the commute is unbearable and we end up arriving at our destination not wafting of jasmine? Or worse, what if we make plans after work, and end up working up a sweat in the morning debrief?

Thankfully, a number of Egyptian brands have risen up to the challenge of formulating body splashes and mists that are boycott-friendly, easy to carry around in our totes, and smell addictively heavenly. From bubblegum to oud and all the way to berry fusions, here are the best Egyptian body mists to look out for.


For as long as it has been around (which is as long as we can remember), Eva has been a pharmacy and supermarket go-to that gets the job done. The brand’s new line of body splashes is just as reliable. 

Soul & More

Dubbed “food for the soul”, Soul & More’s body splashes have taken over our For You pages and Reels with their velvety Vanilla Wave as well as their sultry Red Forest - discernable scents you can pick up on anywhere. 


Dedicated to the holistic mission of body care solutions, Kauket boasts 50 years of experience in deodorant/body splash hybrids that, healthily, allow your body to sweat - they just control the scent. 


What’s better than Joviality’s creamy body lotions (that we also have in hand cream form in each of our bags)? A Joviality body mist to match. Strengthen your scent profile with a cohesive set of the local brand’s body care products.  Nöje The new kid on the block, Nöje’s body splashes have made a splash in the market. You can find everything from classic oud to the spicy ‘Cougar’, with their most popular being Wild Vanilla.


On the hunt for a fruity scent? Choose between plump pomegranate or creamy mango peach with Avuva’s extensive line of body mists and bring a tropical feel to your winter. 


Summer girls, we see you. The yearning for warmer days and sunburnt noses is one we share - and one that Favelin’s Sunkissed Honey line seems to fulfil. 


Coming from a brand centred around targeted and effective skincare, Trindiva’s body splashes are complementary to their lotions, adding a subtle shine to the skin that keeps you feeling fresh and glamorous all day. 


What on earth is a winter scent? Before our (admittedly embarrassingly codependent) relationship with Beinji’s Winter Berries body splash, the scent of the season was lost on us. Now, we can smell both sweet and warm. 

Seven Secrets

In the search for smooth scents, we stumbled upon Seven Secrets’ best-kept secret: the Bronze Queen body mist, a coconut scent that shies away from tropical. This store is also a good pick for men’s body splashes - the fresh and elegant Silver Desire is a fan favourite. 


Ever wondered what it would be like to smell like a soul-fortifying cup of hot cocoa on a Thursday night as Hugh Grant narrates his introduction to Love Actually on your TV? Well, the answer is in Flamingo’s Marshmallow body splash - a merging of sweetness and warmth. 

Shea Body Boutique

Whether you know them for their awfully realistic candles or their aromatic scents, in body lotions or mists, Shea Body Boutique is notorious for its ability to make people smell delicious, be it a Vanilla Fudge or a Bubblegum.


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