Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Styled Archives: Youssra's Most Memorable Looks

For this week’s edition of Styled Archives, we’re looking back at Egyptian superstar Youssra’s standout moments.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Styled Archives: Youssra's Most Memorable Looks

To bestow upon a living, breathing individual the title of 'legend' is no small feat, yet Youssra, the truly iconic Egyptian actress, effortlessly embodies this distinction. With a career spanning decades, Youssra has become one of the foremost figures in Egyptian cinema. Recognized as one of the World's 100 Most Powerful Arab Women, her early days saw her starring in what would later become some of Egyptian cinema's most memorable works, such as ‘Al Ins w Al Jin’, Chahine’s ‘Iskendereya Kaman w Kaman’, and the socially-polarising cult classic, ‘Yacoubian Building’.

Having graced the covers of myriad magazines and embodied scores of memorable characters with a keen sense of fashion, Youssra has cemented herself as one of the most well-dressed women in cinema, both on-screen and off. For this week’s Styled Archives, we’re taking a look at some of her most memorable looks over the years, from award show appearances to flawless on-screen attire. Now, excuse us while we rewatch ‘Al Irhab w Al Kabab’ for the 13th time.

1992 | ‘Al Irhab Wel Kabab’ Movie

Giving a referential performance in the true cult-classic movie, Youssra played the role of the most ‘chillaxed’ hostage to ever exist, and we love her for it. Dressed in a sultry red cocktail dress with matching nail polish and gold accessories, Youssra was undoubtedly the visual highlight of the movie. 

1990 | Still from ‘Iskendereya Kaman w Kaman’ Movie

One of Egyptian director Youssef Chahine’s most renowned works, ‘Iskendereya Kaman w Kaman’ saw Youssra playing the role of ‘Nadia’, an up-and coming actress.

2010 | Morocco International Film Festival

Donning an iridescent purple, blue, and green dress, paired with a grey fur boa and over-the-top feather earrings, Youssra was a sight to behold at the 2010 Morocco International Film Festival red carpet. 

Circa 1960s

A version of Youssra rarely unseen, the star is captured in her youth donning a two-piece swimsuit - though the colour of which one may not be able to decipher - by the pool. 

2010 | Dior Gala Dinner in Marrakech

Christian Dior's MENA ambassador, it was only proper that Youssra would show up to the 2010 Dior Gala Dinner at the Morocco International Film Festival in Marrakech looking absolutely stunning. Donning a flowing red dress featuring a light grey feather motif and complemented by a grey fur boa, the star shone.

2004 | With Youssef Chahine at the Carthage Film Festival

Wearing a nude illusion halter dress with turquoise floral motifs, Youssra posed alongside legendary Egyptian director Youssef Chahine at the opening of the Carthage film festival in Tunis, Tunisia. 

1994| Still from ‘Al Mohajer’ Movie

Serving Pharoah realness, Youssra looked every bit the Egyptian queen in Chahine’s 1994 classic, ‘Al Mohajer.’ 

2017 | ‘3 Daqat’ Music Video

We knew Youssra was a multifaceted superstar, but boy were we taken away by her collaboration with Abu in the song that would shape weddings for a decade to come, 3 Daqat. Wearing an off-shoulder butter yellow dress, Youssra swayed with the breeze in the music video for the Egyptian hit song. 

Circa 1970s | Photoshoot

Captured candidly during a photoshoot in the late 1970s, a young Youssra is seen wearing an off-shoulder salmon-coloured ruffled pleated dress


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