Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail | June 26 - July 9

The playlist features music releases by ZULI, Dina El Wedidi and Talia Lahoud.

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Shreet Cocktail | June 26 - July 9

On this edition of our Shreet Cocktail playlist, we curate some of the past fortnight’s best releases from across the MENA region spanning various genres. The playlist features fresh releases by ZULI, Dina El Wedidi and Talia Lahoud.

ZULI comes back with his latest album titled ‘Lambda’, from which we select his collaboration with fellow Egyptian experimentalist Abdullah Miniawy, ‘Plateau’. The track sees ZULI diving into abstract ambient compositions with more spaced-out arrangements and melodically driven soundscapes.

Next is the latest title track by Jordanian indie band Tayar from their new full-length album, ‘Kol Shi Sar’. The band blends electronic production with indie rock aesthetics. ‘Kol Shi Sar’ marks Tayar’s debut album following multiple single releases since the band started at the beginning of this decade.

Then we have the latest release by Dina El Wedidi, ‘ALAYYAM’. The track is part of her EP ‘Benna’, which the indie artist has been releasing in parts over the past few months. The track follows a similar direction to the previous singles, where Dina adopts more electronic-based production mixed with folklore elements and her distinct vocals.


ZULI - Plateau ft. Abdullah Miniawy  Liliane Chlela - Ouverture Dania - Yasmeen  DINA ELWEDIDI - ELAYYAM Tayar - Kol Shi Sar GOUBI - BATALT A7EBEK Talia Lahoud - El Khayar El Tany Nordo - Youm Wara Youm BeatLaLipos - Lofi Dabke  Maria Taktouk - always go back Maii Waleed - Nemow


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