Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Impactyn is Your Newest Social Media Side Hustle & Here’s Why

The unique platform offers social media users an easy way to make extra money by simply doing what they do everyday.

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Impactyn is Your Newest Social Media Side Hustle & Here’s Why

‘Side Hustle’ is no longer just a capitalist hoax because with Impactyn you can keep up the instagramable lifestyle all the while making money. If you spend your days scouring your neighborhood for hotspots to document and you’re that borderline encyclopedic friend everyone goes to because they - single-handedly - inculturated the masses on which koshary place is the best, then Impactyn might just be the app for you.  

Through their AI-powered platform, Impactyn has now made your aesthetic lifestyle and your affinity for excessively posting on social media and documenting your daily experiences all the more worthwhile. The platform brings real consumers and real brands together as they both figure out ways to better market their products and services to those who’ll truly understand their importance. We’re talking to those of you who actually care about what you're attaching your name to - the ones who indulge in some Thursday night ‘this or that’ mochi quiz and its eighty stories deep. Those who use their personal social media platforms to build communities of shared interest, and the ones we trust with our daily meal orders and annual birthday cake vendors. 

At its core, Impactyn just wants to enable brands and consumers alike to rethink the power of digital word of mouth and to start viewing consumers as the main instigators for corporate change and market trends. Nothing about partaking in this needs an insane social media following or even a publicised personal life, because Impactyn places focus on interaction, loyalty, and trustworthiness, while allowing brands to target specific audiences. And if you’re a business huffing and puffing at your screen right now then this is your solemn reminder that you will achieve the most precious thing of all: organic reach and engagement. You can also virtually track ROI and campaign performance through Imapctyn’s dashboard…live. 

Becoming an “Impactyr” is pretty straightforward, through creating an account the app will determine the demographic you’re most suited for. From then on it’s an all-access pass to those brands that align with your prerogatives. Think Tinder but more refined, a corporate ‘Bachelor’ if you will. Through sharing your experience with products - as you would organically - and then boom you’ll be adequately compensated (with seamlessly integrated cash and credit-based rewards) for your contribution to this new era of social media marketing, you’re welcome. In short, share your real-life experiences, receive genuine involvement, provide credible feedback and get that bag bestie. The best part of all? You don’t even have to worry about payment, because you can get paid through the app, or through bank transfer or an e-wallet, essentially making Impactyn a completely self-sufficient platform that has the potential to completely change how consumers interact with social media marketing.  


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