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Film My Design (FMD) to Debut Series of Screening Events at Zawya Cinema This Weekend

Egypt's designers captured through the lens of its filmmakers.


The process of creating that which is not is one of the most daunting feats there are. When a creative envisions a design or a product, it's rarely a ready set of inputs to get a desired outcome; its rather a twisted, prolonged effort that fully immerses the being of its creator - and that's where Film My Design (FMD) comes in.

Launched in early 2018, Film My Design (FMD) sought to translate the intricacies of designing and executing a product through thee universal language of film. Combining the art of filmmaking with unique design concepts, FMD couples up filmmakers with designers of varying experiences, styles, and products, with each filmmaker filming the process with which the artisan or practitioner creates their designs.

Taking place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of February is the first edition of FMD's annual event, in which five design-film documentaries from Egypt's creative scene will be screened. The Egyptian designers selected for FMD 2019 are product design studios Argineering and Blue ++ Studio, architecture firm Riad Architecture, multidisciplinary design studio ENCODE, and last but certainly not least, the lighting designer Sam Product Design.


Image still from "Patterns from the Sun"– One of the local design-films scheduled to be screened at the FMD 2019 event

The selection is deliberately designed to bring together both emerging and established practitioners, while placing the focus on the creativity of the process or/and the product. Capturing it all are five Egyptian filmmakers, also from diverse cinematography, aesthetic, storytelling and stylistic approaches: Abdallah Abed, Khoshoua Elgohary, Mohamed Magdy, Muhammad Taymour and Rewind N’ Play.

 Still from "Silo 468"– One of the International design-films, in collaboration with the Milano Design Film Festival, scheduled to be screened at the FMD 2019 event

FMD's mission statement is not only to create an immersive experience for the audience, but to also establish cross-cultural channels of dialogues across different design communities. To that end, they've collaborated with the prestigious Milano Design Film Festival this year, which will exclusively screen four international design-film productions during FMD's first edition.

The first of its kind event is taking place at Zawya Cinema in Downtown Cairo, screening all nine films throughout and filling the gaps with panel discussions and conversations, staying true to its mission of spotlighting the ongoing evolution in Egypt's design and film communities.  

Check out the full event schedule and catalogue

Follow up with FMD via their official website, FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Todays Events
'Tanagra'  @ Art Corner  Zamalek
Date: 3/25/2019
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
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