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Uber Scooter's Sick New Ad Campaign Features Cairokee, Tarek El Sheikh and AbdelBaset Hamouda

Uber Scooter just released its latest campaign and we're hooked on the song.

Uber Egypt video

While we can all agree that Cairo has its charm, however there is still one part of its charming character we can do without, the traffic. Spending hours on end to get to a destination, which shouldn't take anything longer than mere minutes, usually sees us making it to our appointments grumpy and irritated, if we make it at all, that is.

However, Uber's stepped up its game with their Uber Scooter feature, which has sparred us all the hours we normally endured stuck in traffic trying to go anywhere in Egypt. So wave a hearty farewell to your neighboring car as you speed past them and, for once, make it on time.

 In its latest campaign for its scooter feature, Egypt's favourite ride hailing app is giving us a catchy song to kickstart our spring festivities. Featuring the likes of Cairokee's Amr Eid, and Shaa'bi singers Abdel Basset Hamoud and Tarek El Sheikh, the campaign's videos follows the three singers as they run all their errands on an uber scooter and guess what? It seems like they've managed to make all their appointments on time without having to undergo the usual Cairo traffic. We know it's a video, duh! But it's still impressive and we guarantee you'll be humming to that song well into the summer.

Uber scooter is fastest way to get around in both Cairo and Alexandria. The downside though, is you can no longer give the excuse of 'I was stuck in traffic' when you waltz in an hour late to work after snoozing your alarm for the 10th time that morning. Oh well. 

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