Monday April 15th, 2024
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Live Out Your Love Actually Fantasy With These Hot Chocolate Hotspots

Here are the best spots to liquify your assets, i.e.: get your chocolate hot & melted.

Layla Raik

Live Out Your Love Actually Fantasy With These Hot Chocolate Hotspots

Winter is here.

Now, this may have different implications for different readers; what is to hot girl summer fanatics a modern-day nightmare is to hardcore winter romantics a dream come true. When life (Korba) gives you Christmas lights, you seek warm conversations with friends and hot cocoa. Or romantic walks in the soft Cairo rain, with a cup of hot cocoa. Or maybe even a movie night in, which also needs its fix of hot cocoa.

When it comes to the colder months of the year, it seems as though hot chocolate is not only remedial - it’s inevitable. So here are Egypt’s best spots for thick and creamy hot cocoa.

Chocolate Factory

Korba, Heliopolis

Chocolate Factory is what winter dreams are made of: a true cocoa corner in the dreamy streets of Korba, where you can enjoy over three distinct types of hot chocolate, all equally rich in cocoa and cream. When in doubt, go to the chocolate experts.


Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed & District 5, New Cairo

Is it really a surprise that the local chocolatiers of the year are on this list? Moko’s cocoa has long had us entranced, and meeting it in drink form didn’t change a thing.

Koffee Kulture

Arkan Plaza & Golf Central Mall, Sheikh Zayed

To think Koffee Kulture was exclusively about koffee would be heinously unfair to the spot’s delicious hot chocolate, presented to you in the form of a steaming cup of milk and a loaded chocolate spoon that fuse to bring alive the winter treat.


Branches all over Cairo

As the weather outside only became more frightful, ice cream store Variegato decided that perhaps less screaming was what the people needed, and brought back their classic roasted hot cocoa for the festive season.

Nude Bakery

Branches all over Cairo

Our go-to doughnut spot of choice, Nude Bakery, is going full festive mode with a heavy hot chocolate consisting of melted chocolate discs, milk and a hefty dollop of whipped cream.

Dip N Dip

Branches all over Egypt

When we put our 10th-grade-Thursday-outing war flashbacks aside, the discovery that Dip N Dip is excellently one of the best-versed dessert shops in chocolate couldn’t help but make its way into our reluctant minds. Their hot chocolate, by extension, is a work of art.


Delivery all over Cairo

Elegant chocolatier Fleur is bringing a festive twist on the chocolate spoon this year, decorating it with gingerbread men and dainty Christmas ornaments. It’s too cute to be true.

Blooms N Beans

Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Contrary to popular speculation, when Blooms N Beans talked about “beans”, that included the cocoa kind. The spot’s hot chocolate might be the only thing blooming this winter, with floating marshmallows and an irresistible sweetness.

20 Grams

Garden 8, New Cairo & Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Everyone knows about specialty coffee - but 20 Grams also has us wondering if specialty hot cocoa is a thing. The spot’s Black Forest is a chocolate winter wonderland in just a few sips.


Branches all over Cairo

A classic hangout spot for as long as we can remember, Ovio channels the Christmas spirit in a cup with their marshmallow-topped hot chocolate, possibly sided with a delicious selection of adorable Christmas cookies. Also, the little red & green coasters turn the experience right into a scene from a Hallmark movie.

House of Cocoa

Branches all over Cairo

Serving us chocolate goodness whenever we need it (AKA always, but especially around a particularly oestrogen-deficient time of the month), our home away from home is serving an extra-festive variation of their melt-in-your-mouth, melt-your-heart chocolate spoons for a truly jolly experience.

30 North

Branches all over Cairo

Artisan brewery and roastery 30 North is as crafty with its hot cocoa as it is with its caffeinated counterparts, giving us the classic good kush plus its peanut-butter-infused cuter twin. Besides, if you decide to get your hot choco with a little energetic twist, you can always opt for their brownie northino, snickers or lotus latte.


Sheikh Zayed

Giving you springtime in Decemeber, Flori is the pink heaven you can head to to fully envelop yourself in more than your new pink petticoat (those are in this year, no?) - bonus points if you top it all off with an all-pink cheesecake shake, or just pink marshmallows in your hot cocoa.


Sheikh Zayed

As if their adorable autumnal Nightmare Before Christmas vibe wasn’t enough to draw us as soon as the halls were decked, Bittersweet’s hot cocoa brings a new definition to artisanal hot chocolate, with real melted milk chocolate & briskly roasted marshmallows. If you’re a feeling a bit spicier, though, the cafe gives you a chilli twist on the liquid dessert.

Brown Nose Coffee

Branches all over Cairo

Every girl boss’s favourite low-exposure Instagram story star is jingling our bells with their absolutely delicious hot cocoa - straight off Santa’s mantel, potentially featuring a mint twist.  Besides, they’re caffeine-addict-friendly, having concocted an eggnog-reminiscent holiday espresso blend that is nearly as wholesome as our favourite sweet drink.


Branches all over Cairo

Nothing beats the classics; what could possibly top the overwhelming familiarity of running into your neighbourhood from the rain and getting a hot cup of hot cocoa? For extra quirk points, make it strawberry or hazelnut - the spirit is still there.


Branches all over Cairo

Of course, pastry and coffee centurion Simonds did not sit back and miss out on the chocolate goodness in a cup of hot cocoa. Quite the contrary, the national icon has gone full Christmas lane, with the festive layout your Instagram craves. Swipe left for the sweetest possible cup of hot cocoa.



When people say you should liquify your assets, they probably mean melt your chocolate into a cup of hot cocoa - which is exactly what every Zamalek hot girl’s favourite cafe, Holm, is doing. And we’re absolutely there for it - us and our holiday assignments.


Branches all over Cairo

Designated study/work spot Beano’s has always been our go-to for quirky coffee concepts - but they just extended their field to non-caffeinated hugs-in-a-cup, giving us perfectly put-together dark hot chocos and a date molasses twist on the traditional hot cocoa. There’s also the sugar-rush-inducing caramel or vanilla swirls for the group's sweet tooths.


Branches all over Cairo

This year, our gift under the tree is Cilantro’s new cinnamon cookies: the perfect pairing for their perfectly weighted, perfectly blended hot chocolate. For good measure, ask for an addition of their homemade marshmallow fluff, a delicious innovation ensuring you get your marshmallow in every sip.


Branches all over Cairo

Being an eternal pan-Cairo brunch hotspot, it’s no secret Paul has its hot chocolate down to an art. The restaurant’s cocoa dream is an elegant melt of milk chocolate and creamer that takes you on a journey of flavour in a few sips.

Cake Cafe

Branches all over Cairo

To channel Little Women Christmas energy and reminisce over the power of sisterhood with your besties this Christmas season, head to your nearest Cake cafe for a soul-fortifying sweet treat with an even sweeter treat in a cute little vintage cup for your IG sweetheart dreams.


Branches all over Cairo

Instead of the usual intensely caffeinated Sip & cry over assignments study dates, a more chocolate-oriented less-caffeinated venture can be made in honour of the merry season, with Sip’s very own expertly balanced hot chocolate adventures.


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